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Best Tips 4 Your Online Video Marketing Strategy

Things to Consider When Creating Online Video Marketing Strategy!

Ready to begin an online video marketing strategy?  Great!  Here are some fantastic tips, or elements to focus on, for when you start your campaign.  This video is the first part of a 3 video series.  The other two videos focus on YouTube Optimization and Bulk Email Campaigns, so look out for those soon.

Crazy Good Tips When Starting an Online Video Marketing Strategy:


Before you turn on the camera, write down the goals of the video(s).  Are your goals to inform, educate, entertain, or sell something?  If you are a clothing company showing at Fashion Week, is your fashion show video designed, to use a fashion term, to increase sales or to remind you how uncool you are to not be invited to the show?  If your video is to increase sales, then how much revenue are you expecting?  Understanding your goals will help you budget accordingly for future marketing endeavors.

Produce Several Videos

You can’t really accomplish much with just one video.  I’m reminded of that commercial that asks the question of “can one pushup or one stalk of broccoli help your heart”.  The obvious answer is NO.  You need to produce several videos, different styles, and always monitor the analytics.  Build up momentum.

Focus on Conversions and Call-to-Actions

A lot of videos don’t “ask for the sale.”  How-to videos that just show us how to do something is charity work without the reward.  Highlight a product you sell, with a link provided.  Ask the viewer to view more videos.  Convince them to call to make an appointment.  Whatever you ultimately want the viewer to do, simply ask them to do it.

Hook the Viewer in the first 10-15 Seconds

Back to the analytics for this one.  Check your Audience Retention, if using YouTube analytics, to see when viewers are turning your video off.  Most videos lose most of the views within the first 10-15 seconds.  Your content could be great, but maybe your title is misleading.  Or your title is great, but your  using a shaky iPhone and it’s in Standard Def (with the black bars on the side).

Link to Other Videos

Similar to call-to-actions and producing several videos, invite the viewer to view your other videos.  One reason is you don’t want them searching out your competitors for better content.  Another reason is, if you’ve embedded the videos on your website, is you want to keep them constantly engaged within your website.  The more engaged they are, the better you lead them down the sales funnel.