Ecommerce Retail Website – Christian Street Furniture

There were several, critical reasons Christian Street Furniture needed a new website. Bardwell Media was here to help (see images below).

The Problems 

1)  (Christian Street Furniture) was using a very complex website coded language.  Therefore, there was no way for in-house staff to update the website, add images, edit text, add new products, or add product descriptions.

2)  The website product gallery consisted of one, very long page, to showcase images of the 500+ products.  This prevented search capabilities and product descriptions.

3)  Their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was lacking due to non-individual product pages.

4) wasn’t responsive (mobile friendly).  This meant potential customers would not have a user-friendly experience on smartphones and tablets.

5)  Since the website didn’t have individual product pages, potential customers couldn’t print out the item they were looking for to show the salespersons.

The Solutions 

1)  We switched over to the more SEO friendly and robust WordPress.  This allowed in-house staff to have more control over their website.

2)  We built a professional grade e-commerce storefront that allowed for a product page/per product.  We also added a search capability.

3)  We made sure the website, as a whole, the images, website page load speed, and titles were all improved using proven SEO practices.

4)  We configured the website to be smartphone and tablet friendly (responsive) because we know, through research, many customers are using their personal devices to search for furniture.

5)  We also added a “Wishlist” feature where customers could place items in a wishlist.  Customers of could then either email the store or bring the list with them in person.

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