Nūtral TV – Web Television / Online Video Network

Nūtral TV is the premier web TV network for promoting and viewing web series and short films. We use Hosts, or 1980s MTV style VJs, to promote premium quality content on multi-platform devices.

Web TV, or web television, is changing the home and mobile entertainment landscape. With the success and popularity of Netflix and YouTube, online video viewers have increased consistently over the last 5 years.

In 2009 Mr. Bardwell thought of an idea to bring online video back to the living room. This was designed for both the indie creator to access more viewers and for the traditional TV viewer that wanted to view alternative content on a device larger than a computer or mobile device. Unfortunately, technology has lagged behind his web TV network and so his idea was shelved…until recently.

Nūtral TV doesn’t distribute online videos, it introduces them. Our unique approach is to promote the most episodes & indie short films every single day by “pushing” the content to the viewer. We don’t consider Nūtral TV a distribution channel, but more of a destination channel.

Remember MTV during the 1980s?

Just like music videos were introduced to viewers during the 1980s using VJs, well, we’re bringing them back baby! Our “Video Jockeys,” not only introduce you to upcoming videos, but gab on factoids that surround the episode, web series, or short film.

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