Website and Digital Marketing for Kramer Irby, DDS

Kramer Irby, DDS needed a complete overhaul of their website and digital marketing strategies. Bardwell Media was here to help.

The Problems 

1)  (Kramer Irby, DDS) was using a very complex website coded language.  Therefore, there was no way for in-house staff to update the website, add images, edit text, create blogs, or add videos.

2)  The website domain was an attempt to boost Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) rankings.   However, the domain didn’t help the human searcher searching for Kramer Irby or the “dental” industry.

3)  Their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was insufficient since each page wasn’t focused on a separate search keyword or key phrase.

4)  The website wasn’t responsive (mobile friendly).  This meant potential customers would not have a user-friendly experience on smartphones and tablets.

The Solutions 

1)  We created their new website to the more user,  SEO friendly, and robust WordPress.  This allowed in-house staff to have more control over their website.

2)  We changed the website domain to complement Kramer Irby, DDS at  This will still satisfy both the human searching and search engines.

3)  We made sure the website, as a whole, the images, website page load speed, titles, and meta descriptions were all improved using proven SEO practices.

4)  We configured the website to be smartphone and tablet friendly (responsive) because we Google now favors responsive, or mobile friendly, websites.

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