E-Commerce Website and Google Analytics – FBF by Checka

This Los Angeles fashion e-commerce retailer needed our help to succeed in the digital landscape.

The Problems

1) The fashion, e-commerce website fbfbychecka.com (FBF by Checka) needed Website, E-Commerce, Google Analytics, and overall Digital Marketing services.

2) The website software was out of date and certain, conversion webpages, weren’t even on the navigation menu.

3) Each product page wasn’t being used properly for improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

4) The website wasn’t using Google Analytics, and other digital marketing strategies, to evaluate the path a customer travels on the website.

The Solutions

1) We first consulted them on several ways to improve marketing, conversions, and how to track the consumers’ path once they are on the website.

2) We updated the website plugins, including the e-commerce one, and added more robust and safer plugins.  We also added some pages to help the website visitor navigate better.

3) We are currently adding better product and meta descriptions to each product for user experience, but also to improve SEO.

4) We configured Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for the website.  This will enable us to monitor the website traffic and follow the path the user goes on.  We can then share this data with the client and provide recommendations for improvement.

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