Search Engines

How to Satisfy the Search Engines?

Search Engines image SEOBasically, SEO is the very time consuming, yet exceptionally worth it, process of beating your competition to being located in the digital space.  The way to be found is to understand what people are searching for.  Knowing this will help the search engines lead your consumers to your website and videos.

Bardwell Media strongly recommends using Online Video, properly distributed and optimized, to rank higher than others.  We know how and why videos should be created, and distributed, to enhance digital marketing (SEO, Email) strategies.

Key-phrase Research

You could write the funniest blog and create the most film-like video that showcases your company, but if you aren’t focusing on specific keywords and key phrases, your content will not be seen.

You need to satisfy both the human searcher and the search engines.  We research key phrases FIRST, then produce the videos.  This will give each video, in the campaign, a higher ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Website Page Load Speed

Did you know that Google ranks website page load speed as a top criteria of ranking order?  If your page takes too long to load, website visitors will click away.  And Google knows this.

Now your website must be Google mobile friendly, or responsive, to rank higher.  All of these practices boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You can test your website’s page load speed by going here and test it’s mobile friendliness by linking here.

Google Prefers Video

Put your video against text rich webpage and your video’s webpage will rank higher, assuming the same key phrase.  Google prefers video because video enhances the user experience.

Quick fact:  Google is the #1 search engine.  YouTube is the #2 search engine.  We will assure your video is ranking higher than links with just text.

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