Social Media Campaign – Setup and Posting

Want to Start a Social Media Campaign?

Every social media campaign has to begin with a plan, not just jump right into it.  You need to set goals, objectives to reach those goals, a posting strategy and / or calendar, and above all else, monitor the analytics.  The process is tedious, but one that Bardwell Media understands and can implement efficiently.

What Bardwell Media will do for your Social Media Campaign:

Social Media Account(s) Setup

Our top recommended social network is YouTube (because it is now the #1 social network), but we know everyone is used to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We will setup the accounts, create the profile pics using the proper dimensions, create the channel / page artwork, and any “about us” description info.

Social Media Posting Goals and Schedule

You need to have goals, and measure them, to know the success of your social media campaigns.  We research your industry, the competition, and your industry leaders.  We setup periodic goals and posting schedule to garner the most engagement with each post.

Post to Various Social Media Accounts

Not every business can be good at every social media platform, nor should they.  Most businesses need a presence on the most common platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Bardwell Media can assist with all of these or just one, if requested.  Bardwell Media will post engaging content of links, photos, video, articles, etc. to garner the most comments, likes, and shares.

We will also report to the client each month the results and recommendations.

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