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Top 3 Online Video Marketing Strategies You Should Do!

Our online video marketing strategies are revealed.

This video reveals our Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies that also contain online video marketing.  A question we always gladly answer is, “What can anyone do, right now, to improve my web awareness?”

The answer isn’t just our opinion, it’s also what the data backs.  Analytics is the largest advantage over tradition marketing and advertising.  With digital, you know exactly how many people clicked on something, visited your website, downloaded a PDF, watched a video, etc.

With TV and print ads, it is impossible to acquire that information.  Therefore, you’re marketing budget is a guessing game using a shotgun approach.

The Top 3 Digital Marketing, or Online Video Marketing Strategies are:

  1. Create Videos
  2. Setup a YouTube Channel
  3. Send Bulk Emails

Increase Sales
YouTube videos influence the purchasing decisions of 53% of all consumers in the U.S. Invado’s research found that there is a 400% higher conversion rate by viewing a video over those website visitors who didn’t view a video.

Video is Easily Digestible
Sixty percent of website visitors view online video content before reading text on a website. Viewers also retain 90% of a message from video, versus only 10% from text. (Atwood Digital)

YouTube Channel Setup
YouTube is now the #1 social network, so it’s best to create a community around your videos. We properly setup your YouTube channel (e.g. settings, artwork, descriptions) and monitor the traffic analytics.

Watch the video to learn best tips when coming up with a digital marketing strategy.  We also have more detailed videos that go deeper into each strategy.