Why Video Marketing?


Increase Sales

YouTube videos influence the purchasing decisions of 53% of all consumers in the U.S. Invado’s research found that there is a 400% higher conversion rate by viewing a video over those website visitors who didn’t view a video.

Video is Easily Digestible

Sixty percent of website visitors view online video content before reading text on a website. Viewers also retain 90% of a message from video, versus only 10% from text. (Atwood Digital)

Your Competition is Using Video

According to Flimp Media, 81% of companies are producing video content for their website(s).

Video Expands Your Reach

Being visible on video distribution channels opens up your company, service, and brand to new audiences and new potential customers.

Google Prefers Video

Google, the #1 search engine, will place optimized video ahead of text-heavy content on search results pages. Google places more emphasis on websites that produce consistently fresh, quality content, particularly rich content like video. Oh, and YouTube is the #2 search engine.

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